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The Mulvane Education Foundation has created, for the first time in our schools’ history, a recognized & legally organized foundation whose sole purpose is to support the educational pursuits of Mulvane, Kansas, schools.


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The Mulvane Education Foundation

In 2011, a steering committee comprised of community members and Mulvane High School alums, driven by the needs of our schools, teachers, and students, formed the Mulvane Education Foundation, Inc. as a not-for-profit corporation with the Kansas Secretary of State.

The Mulvane Education Foundation is a community-based corporation formed exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, and specifically “not-for-profit,” so as to qualify as an organization exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so that any donations it receives will be legally tax deductible for all.

The exclusive purpose of this Corporation is to improve the quality of education in Mulvane by soliciting and raising charitable donations to be allocated toward the enhancement of educational opportunities and related extracurricular activities for the residents and patrons of Unified School District No. 263, Mulvane, Kansas.

First, donations will be used to provide grants in aid of educational pursuits in our school district by providing money directly to teachers, classrooms and schools for equipment, supplies and technology.


Secondly, the corporation intends to establish graduation scholarships which can be used to propel students graduating from Mulvane High School to post-secondary success in amounts and numbers that could never have been realized without a central, duly qualified, non-governmental, legally-organized, and tax-exempt corporation.

To date, with your help and the help of the community, through donations and fundraising projects, we have raised more than $300,000 to award grants to our teachers for projects including I-Pad Data Tracking, Alphabetic Phonics Materials, Social and Emotional Skills Improvement, Smartboard / Projector and Sound System, Promethean Boards, starting a National Jr. Honors Society, “Paperless” Debate and Forensics Technology, and a new kiln, just to name a few.

Come join us and help the Mulvane Education Foundation to build futures and strengthen Mulvane.

Mulvane Education Foundation

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Brad Canfield

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Todd Shoemaker


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Heather Parrott


Justin Cummins

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Kim Hornbaker, Mulvane Education Foundation Board Member

Kim Hornbaker

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Dr. Jay Ensley

Superintendent of Schools

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