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Each November, the staff of USD 263 submit grant applications to the Mulvane Education Foundation (MEF) for consideration. A committee is established shortly thereafter to review the applications — looking for duplications, justification for funds and merit for the classroom and/or students — then ranks them accordingly. The Mulvane Education Foundation establishes the level of available funding, compares it to the ranking, then funds as many requests as possible. Grants are awarded in January.

Past grants are listed below.


MPS = Mulvane Primary School
MGS = Mulvane Grade School

MMS = Mulvane Middle School
MHS = Mulvane High School

PAT = Parents As Teachers
Trans = Transportation
DO = District Offices


Facility Grant Title
MPS Julia Cook Classroom Guidance Lessons
MPS Books for Babies & Toddlers
MPS Flexible Seating (6 Exercise Stability Discs)
MPS 1 Year of Junior Library Award-Winning and Peer Reviewed Books
MPS STEM Building Kits for Classroom
MPS 2nd Grade Community Playground Equipment
MPS Learning Light Table/Manipulatives
MGS Six-Minute Solution Daily Reading Fluency Program
MGS Executive Function Teacher Book Study
MGS Year 3 Book Families
MGS Fun Friday Gym Equipment
MGS/MHS Light Boxes for the Art Room
MGS Stereo/CD Player for the Music Room
MMS Books for A Brighter Future
MMS Yearbook Supplies/Equipment
MGS Pathways to Reading for Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
MMS Positive Behavior Classroom Supplies/Materials
MHS Floating Tenon Joinery System
MHS PlasmaCAM Pipe Cutting Attachment
MHS Welding Helmets
MHS Turn It In! – Online Plagiarism Checker & Assessment Software
MHS Professional Grade Camera Equipment
MHS Library Guild Award-Winning & Peer Reviewed Books
MHS Stat/Crunch License for 2019-2020
MHS Anatomy in Clay
MHS KCAT News District Live Steam Computer


Facility Grant Title
MPS Children’s Literature to Target 23 Specific Speech Sounds
MMS Heart Zones-Smart Health System Monitors for Tracking Fitness
MHS Shirts & Bowling for Circle of Friends
MHS Field Trip for Circle of Friends to Tanganyika
MHS Cordless Drills for Theatre Production
MGS 30 Students to Emporia State University for William Allen White Celebration
MHS Enrichment Projects & Flexible Seating
MMS Foundry Furnace Replacement
MGS Collaborative Problem Solving Exercises
All Resources to Support Students Experiencing Struggles Which Impede Learning in the Classroom
PAT Books for Families Serviced by Parents As Teachers
MPS Tools for Literacy Development
MGS / MMS Library Book Collection Update
MPS Boardmaker Online Professional & Student Licenses to Serve Low-Verbal Students
MHS Refurbish & Upgrade Weights for MHS Girls
MPS Implement Block Center & Dramatic Play Center
MGS Chromebooks & WeVideo Licenses for Broadcast Projects
All Intelligence Scales, Tests, Achievement & Readiness Resources
MMS Chromebooks
MPS Reading Rainbow Skybrary School Memberships & Licenses
MPS LeapFrog, LeapStart Interactive Learning Systems, Headphones
MPS Chromebooks
MPS STEM & Building Toys
MHS Jr. Library Guild Subscription
Trans Driver Safety Awareness Rewards Program
MGS Positive Behavior Interventions & Support Set Up


Facility Grant Title
MGS Implement STEM for Extended Learning
MGS Tactile Augmentative Alternative Communication System
MGS Flexible Seating
MGS STEM Materials
MHS Embroidery Machine to Allow Students to Design & Create
MHS Active Learning & Beyond to Coordinate Logistics, Execute a Plan, Solve Problems, Analyze Data and Create Technical Reports
MHS Circle of Friends (Special Needs) Field Trip to Tanganyika
MHS Circle of Friends (Special Needs) Bowling Field Trip
MHS Millermatic 252 Welder
MHS Technology for Art to Enhance Student Interaction in the Classroom
MMS Entrepreneurism to Help Students Identify a Future in Entrepreneurism
MMS Teaching Technology for the Classroom
MPS Chromebooks
MPS Ellison Cutting Pad & Dies to Improve the Districts Die Cuts
MPS Chromebooks
MPS Webber Articulation Cards to Target All Speech Sounds in All Positions


Facility Grant Title
MHS Spirit of Innovation & Creative Thinking Within Science
MHS Summer Reading Program for Advanced Placement
MHS Replace Music Stands
MHS Laptops for Performing Arts
MHS Circle of Friends Funds
MMS Science World
MMS Scientific Calculators
MMS Student Whiteboards
MMS Yearbook Equipment
MGS Girls on the Run Program
MGS 3rd Grade Indoor Recess Activities
MGS Cross Grade Level School Families
MPS Chromebooks
MPS Hodson Computerized Analysis of Phonological Processes
MPS STEM Based Manipulatives for Classrooms
MPS Movement in the Classroom
MPS Math Materials
MPS Everyday Technology
MPS Gross Motor Materials for Instruction for Students with ASD
MPS Language Arts/Pre-Reading Materials
MPS Fine Motor Materials for Students with ASD
MPS Books for Babies to Promote Early Literacy to Families
MPS Sound System for EC Classroom


Facility Grant Title
MGS Classroom Fitness System
MHS Pottery Wheels
MHS Promethean Boards
MMS Drill Press
MMS Nonfiction Collection Update
MHS Circle of Friends Funds
MPS Books for Babies & Toddlers
MGS Positive Behavior
MMS Somewhere Over the “Rainbow” in Careers
MMS Projector & Screen
MMS Sound System
MPS Academic Puzzles & Games
MPS Math Manipulatives & Technology
MPS Early Childhood Language Development Materials
MPS Fine Motor Manipulatives
MPS Die Cut Machine
MPS Document Camera
MPS Let’s Move, Let’s Learn Stability Balls
MPS Document Camera
DO Employee Health & Wellness


Facility Grant Title
MPS Art Show Display Boards
MHS Anatomy Models
MGS Tanganyika Classroom Programs
MGS Camera for Kids
MMS Somewhere Over the “Rainbow” in Careers
MMS Project Brink Back the Small Stuff
DO Digital SLR Camera
MMS Oximeters
MGS Group & Individual Counseling Materials
MHS Life Centered Education Transition Curriculum
MPS Social Emotional Skills Development
MHS Summer Reading Program
MPS Smart Board for Early Childhood Classroom
MGS Document Camera
MGS Picture & Object Communication for Severe MGS Students
MPS Smart Board for ECSE
MPS Sound Field System
MPS Mini iPad
MPS iPads
MPS iPads
MPS iPads
MGS iPads

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Improve the quality of education in Mulvane by soliciting and raising charitable donations which will, in turn, be allocated toward the enhancement of educational opportunities and related extracurricular activities for the residents and patrons of Unified School District No. 263, Mulvane, Kansas.